• Attendance Area Changes

    The 51Թ understands that attendance areas will change when new buildings open, and may need to be adjusted when school buildings have grown beyond their capacity. 

    In the fall of 2023, the school district began the process to make adjustments to the district’s attendance areas to incorporate a new elementary school in south Columbia.  The work also includes adjustments to address areas of growth in the district.

  • Guiding Principles 

    • Attendance areas do change and will continue to change. This work is part of a regular review of district enrollment patterns.
    • The attendance area should anticipate future growth of neighborhoods. A walkable and bikeable school is important, but may not always be possible.
    • The attendance area seeks to reflect the composition of the 51Թ community.
    • The board recognizes the power of a school to create a community. Accessibility for families is important (volunteering and attending school functions are easier when the school is near).
    • Consider the time students spend on a bus and the distance traveled to and from school.
    • Consider attendance areas boundary lines that follow natural/man-made boundaries.
    • Consider a transfer policy that allows 5th graders to remain at their previous school and policies that allow siblings to remain.

    Estimated Timeline for Attendance Area Process

    Board of Education Presentations


  • Phase I Changes

    Please if you have not responded to any of the Phase 1 Attendance Area Options.

    Please if you have already responded to Options 1 & 2, and wish to provide feedback on Option 3. (Survey closes April 11 at 5 p.m.)

    The best way to provide feedback on proposed attendance area changes is to complete the surveys. Comments may be provided to the Board of Education by completing a comment form (linked). You will not receive a response to the message, however please know the Board has received your submission.